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We are thrilled to join CartoDB – a leading location intelligence company

February 17, 2016

CartoDB editor15

We’re happy to announce that CartoDB, a world leading company for location intelligence, data analysis, and visualization, has acquired Nutiteq. This acquisition will allow CartoDB to offer a cross-platform mobile mapping SDK, with a core rendering engine that complements its web and desktop-based geo-analytics capabilities. Nutiteq’s offline mapping and routing capabilities, and its ability to work with a number of different sources of data, will enable enterprise customers to implement core location intelligence apps from a one-stop solution.

CartoDB will continue to empower any business and individual to extract valuable insights from location data, turning geospatial information into dynamic visualizations that enable discovery of trends and patterns. Now CartoDB will offer Nutiteq users and customers a web API and backend tools where they can upload data with an integrated solution, while Nutiteq’s team will continue developing the native SDK. It’s the perfect union – CartoDB and their customers will get the best mobile technology and Nutiteq customers will get the best geospatial backend and web – a win-win for everyone.

Nutiteq has been creating mobile maps for smartphone platforms before smartphones were even that ‘smart’ – you may recall Symbian, J2ME, and Blackberry devices from many years ago. In hindsight it may have been too early to place maps on mobile devices, so it wasn’t an easy task. Now that smartphones are seemingly everywhere, enterprises are fully embracing the technology and we see nothing but growth ahead. Since end-users have recently moved from laptops to smartphones, enterprises are also transitioning, this unlocks massive potential in almost every field. Many of these fields need geospatial intelligence. We see CartoDB as the leader in the location intelligence and data visualization industry, and we are honored to have the chance to enhance the industry with our leading edge, native mobile map technologies.

You may wonder what will happen with Nutiteq Maps SDK products. The stand-alone product, as it is, will not disappear. We will support it and you can continue using it in existing and future app projects. In the near future, we’ll add many more CartoDB pre-integrations, so it will be easier than ever to get started with the bundle of Nutiteq+CartoDB.

Based on the Nutiteq SDK, CartoDB will release a CartoDB SDK in the coming months. The already existing capabilities, like vector basemaps, custom maps, online and offline routing etc, will also be augmented with CartoDB services. This will provide a great platform for further development of CartoDB mobile apps. As part of a larger company, we will have more development resources, so you can expect more features and more performance.

Let’s meet and celebrate at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!

Jaak Laineste

Founder of Nutiteq
Head of Mobile, CartoDB