Nutiteq Maps SDK Google maps SDK on Android or Apple MapKit MapBox
Base features:
show interactive online map,
map overlays,
GPS location
Yes Yes Yes
Base map options Vector:
Nutiteq OSM,
Raster (3rd parties):
WMS etc
Google/Apple Maps, aerials MapBox OSM, MapBox aerials
GIS Server support Standard WMS, TMS, CartoDB, custom APIs No No
Offline maps Yes No No
Vector map files Shapefile, KML, tens of other file formats No No
Raster map files GeoTIFF, tens of other formats No No
Map projections Yes (Proj.4) No No
2.5 D map view Yes Limited Limited
Custom 3D data on map Yes No No
Online routing Yes Yes Yes
Offline routing Yes No No
Geocoding, address search Yes Yes Yes
Supported devices Android 2.3+
Apple iOS 7.0+
Windows Phone 8.1+
Google: approved devices only
Apple: all iOs devices
Android 4.0.3 +
Apple iOS 7.0+
Free license option Yes Yes Yes, OpenSource
Commercial support and licenses Yes No Yes