Nutiteq Offline Maps app


Nutiteq Offline Maps is a mapping application for frequent travellers who do not want to pay outrageous data roaming fees while abroad. App is using Nutiteq Maps as Service with OpenStreetMap map data.

You can download additional offline maps at home or over Wifi and use maps without data connection. All the application downloads are completely free! There is no ads or hassle with accounts and required log-in.

The application provides 2.5D perspective view, and easy way to download map packages per state, city or country. Note that country packages have more general maps than individual regions and cities.

You can download it from Google Play or scan following QR-code:


  • You can pre-download map packages for offline use: maps, addresses and POI. This saves you from expensive data costs (especially while roaming) and slow download times.
  • Uses OpenStreetMap data instead of commercial map sources. So you can always improve the map yourself on, or using various OSM editors (available mobile and web)
  • Show my GPS location