Nutiteq Maps SDK is a maps library for mobile developers. You can use Nutiteq Maps SDK as a good replacement for Google Maps Android API or Apple MapKit, so it has all your usual mapping SDK features like map panning, zooming, vector and raster overlays, adding markers, lines and polygons to map, and following extra features:

  • One maps API for Android and iOS platforms, including Xamarin .NET platform
  • 2.5/3D support: add 3D objects and models to map
  • Offline mapping using MBTiles, custom tiles, GeoTIFF, persistent caching and many other data formats and sources
  • Supports custom map projections, which makes it more usable for enterprise GIS solutions
  • Works on all Android platforms, including Amazon Kindle Fire, BlackBerry 10 and others where Google Maps is not available

You need some inspiration? Here is a growing number of publicly listed apps that use Nutiteq Maps SDK.

Next steps

For instant download of our SDK, with sample code and developer documentation go to Nutiteq Developer portal.