Better maps SDK for Android

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Nutiteq Maps SDK for smartphones enables offline mapping, 3D and GIS data, extendability and much more for the most advanced apps and professional solutions.

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  • Offline Maps

    Your application can bundle or pre-download map data for offline usage. We support MBTiles, Tilemill, MapBox, CartoDB, Spatialite, Mapsforge, aerials, tiles, TMS, WMS, custom APIs and tens of other services and GIS data formats.

  • 3D Layers

    3D content from individual models to whole city sets can be rendered on the map. The map view has 2.5D/3D view manipulations: tilting, free rotation and flexible zoom to any scale.

  • Customers

    Jeppesen – A Boeing Company, Marine; Trapster, US; MoovIt, Israel; BAE Systems, US; Skobbler, Germany; GeoInformationsDienst, Germany; Sensorly, France; BBVA, Spain; GaiaGPS, US; BMI, Spain; Thomson Aerospace, US and others…